Best weekend getaway places around NYC

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    Living in a bit city such as NYC can produce quite an amount of stress. What with cramped conditions, mountains of people around, and the general fast-paced lifestyle, one needs to simply forget about it all and just take a breather. This is why there are great weekend getaway places around NYC that you can visit in your time-off. That is why Movage Moving & Storage recommends some of these places. They are perfect places for you to relax and recharge for your inevitable return to your old habits. This article will explore why these places are great for your weekend getaway.

    Weekend getaway places around NYC for you!

    These are the top 6 places that we recommend for rest and relaxation outside of NYC:

    • Hunter NY – One of the best mountain weekend getaway places around NYC
    • Winvian Farm, Connecticut – One of the luxurious getaways!
    • Best family weekend getaway places around NYC – Mohonk Mountain House, New York
    • Beacon, New York – Cultural getaway
    • Newport, Rhode Island – For beach lovers!
    • Hudson, New York – Food paradise!
    One of the best getaway activities to enjoy in Hunter NY – Biking.

    Hunter NY – One of the best mountain weekend getaway places around NYC

    You may know this place to be a popular ski destination. However, that is not all you can enjoy at Hunter. There are numerous activities that you can lose yourself in, such as hiking, biking, and flying on the longest zip line in entire North America. One of the popular places, according to Brooklyn local movers, is the Scribner’s lodge, an ultra-modern place that will offer you a grandiose view.

    This place also features an outdoor fire pit and even a mountain concierge. If you are looking for an adventure, this is the place for you. Other than that, there is also a great restaurant within that offers dishes inspired by the alps. The ingredients for which are foraged within Hudson Valley so there is no doubt to their freshness.

    You can get here either by car, which will take you around two and a half hours or by public transit. If choosing the latter, simply take Adirondack Trailways bus from Port Authority, going to Tannersville. The ride will take around three hours.

    Winvian Farm, Connecticut – One of the luxurious getaways!

    If you are in for something more luxurious, however, you can’t go wrong with the Winvian Farm. This spacious resort includes 18 designer cottages and sprawls over 113 acres. You can also visit a treehouse that is 35 feet tall, a temple to the “secret society” and even a multi-level stable.

    There are plenty of activities to take your mind of things here. They include educational ones such as cooking classes and garden education. You can also ride a bike, enjoy some of the spa treatments, or even swim in a huge, 40 foot, pool. If food is your thing, there are seasonal feasts going on at the Restaurant.

    All the cottages are quite unique and they offer different experiences. This means that you can return and stay in a different cottage and have a different feeling. Just to give you a feel of what I mean, one “cottage” is actually a fully restored 1967 Sea King Pelican helicopter. The interior is around 890 square feet if you were wondering.

    And if that was not enough, there are also other activities at your disposal, such as horseback riding, river tubing, and riding in a hot-air balloon!

    The best way to get here is, unfortunately, by car. There are no public routes to this place, but you can use a helicopter to get there, they do have a landing pad!

    Enjoy cooking classes or garden education!

    Best family weekend getaway places around NYC – Mohonk Mountain House, New York

    If you are planning a getaway with the family, then this might be your best option. The Mohonk Mountain House has everything that you may wish for when staying with a family. Within the property, there are tennis and golf courts, yoga and spa places and an indoor pool, to mention a few. You can also go boating on the lake or hike alongside more than 80 miles of hiking trails. Traveling to these places is complimentary, from a bus station nearby.

    You can get to Mohonk either by public transportation or by car. The car ride will last around two hours, the same as metro-north to Poughkeepsie. If you take the Greyhound bus to New Paltz station, it will take you only one hour and thirty-five minutes.

    Beacon, New York – Cultural getaway

    What Mohonk is for family, Beacon is for culture. This place has undergone renovations to make itself the premiere food and art destination. It is also close-by, only an 80-minute rail ride up the Hudson River. You can visit its numerous galleries on Main Street or you can hike at the Breakneck Ridge. But the main attraction is Dia Beacon. This is a former Nabisco factory that has a collection of many contemporary works such as Torques Ellipses from Richard Serra and light installations by Dan Flavin.

    There are plenty of other things to do here, but make sure that you also visit the Roundhouse Beacon. Try the cast iron octopus.

    If you are looking to get here via car, it will take you around one hour and 45 minutes.

    Newport, Rhode Island – For beach lovers!

    If beaches are more your kind of thing, you will be hard-pressed to find a better getaway than Newport. The water is clear, the food is fresh and, most importantly, the beaches are not crowded. That’s why this is definitely one of the best places to relax in NYC! Make sure to enjoy some paddling on the Easton’s Beach and try some fried clams at Flo’s.

    You can also visit the Fort Adams State Park and the Tennis Hall of Fame.

    The only issue here is that the place is kind of far. A car ride will take you more than three hours, usually three and a half.

    Head to Newport if you want to relax and spend a wonderful weekend on the beach!

    Hudson, New York – Food paradise!

    Finally, the food paradise of Hudson simply cannot be forgotten. This place offers a staggering number of different restaurants. Your best bet, if visiting for the first time after your long-distance move, is to swing by Red Dot and have brunch there. After that, visit the Moto Coffee Machine before going to Basilica Hudson for your entertainment.

    To name all of the restaurants here would go beyond the scope of this article but I will mention that all of them are worth your time and money. The most important thing is to take it easy and enjoy yourself. Don’t rush anywhere and try to visit everything at once. Hudson will be your host for numerous trips, after all.