Pros and cons of friends helping you relocate

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    Moving is hard and stressful, so having someone to help is a blessing. Emotional support can sometimes be of more value than actual physical help. Friends and family are usually the first ones to offer help even without you asking. But when having friends helping you relocate, there are some things you need to watch out for. For example, don’t trust your gym friends that they can carefully move your piano. If you have large instruments such as this, call piano movers NJ, as they are professionals. Things of great value that you are planning to move with you should not be treated by anyone. Friends can always help with carrying the boxes and most of the packing.

    Pros of friends helping you relocate

    Getting an extra set of hands

    When it comes to packing and moving, you always need an extra set of hands. Sometimes it is the little things you need help with. It can be someone overseeing your schedule and making sure you are sticking to it. Or it can be someone taking care of your pets or kids while you deal with some important stuff. Finally, when you have an endless number of boxes that need moving around the house or into the moving van, helping hand from a friend is more than welcome.

    Friends helping you relocate means having fun

    Whenever you have a gettogether with friends, you guys have a blast. Why would this opportunity be any different? Find a way to make this whole process much more amusing. Since you will need weeks to prepare and pack, you can make a schedule and make monthly supplies of snacks and drinks. Going through piles and boxes with friends will be fun, as you will surely find something you all forgot about. From your prom gown or a suit to some old photos or different types of memories. If you are hiring professional movers for this move you should never offer them alcohol. But if you are doing most of it with the help of friends, some wine or beer cannot hurt.

    Friends helping you relocate
    Make the whole process of packing fun with your friends

    No charge, no contract, no time limit

    When your friends are helping you relocate, they are doing it as a favor to you, which means for free. Think about how much money you will save by having friends help out, instead of hiring people to pack and move you. Also, you are under no contract, so there are no obligatory aspects of the move. You can organize your time as you wish, based on your and your friends’ schedules and avoid all moving anxiety.

    Cons of having friends help out with the move

    You might not see it immediately, but there are some bad sides to having friends help you relocate instead of hiring movers. We will mention here a few:

    • Not having anyone help on the other side of the move. If you move only with the help of your friends, once you arrive at a new destination, you’ll be on your own. After days or even months of planning and hours of driving, do you really want to do it all by yourself, once in a new home?
    • No refund if anything gets broken or damaged. Unfortunately, accidents happen. In case something of your valuables breaks or tears, there will be no refund for it. It will have to be considered as collateral damage.
    • Moving injuries can happen quite often. When it comes to professional movers they know how to properly lift the boxes without injuring themselves. That might not be the case with you and your friends, and someone can have a really bad back strain.
    • Friends cannot help with all the services. In case you need a climate-controlled storage NJ has enlisted, you need to get in touch with a moving company in order to rent a storage unit. You can find a storage unit without hiring movers, but it will take you much more time and energy
    Person with injured fingers
    Injuries can easily happen when noon-professionals are dealing with the move

    Make a wise decision about having friends help you relocate

    There are a couple of things about the move, that are constant. Such as your destination and the number of things you have. Find time to make a list of things and duties and see where you can go without movers’ help. But be fair to yourself, your friends, and after all, your things. If you want something to go perfectly smooth you will need to call the professionals and find some of the best movers NYC. For everything else, you can call your friends to help out. It does not have to be black and white. You can have it all and still be on time for the move and enjoy the whole process instead of dreading it.