Concerts and musical happenings in NYC

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    Are you a musician just coming into NYC? Are you slowly unpacking your home and saying goodbye to your piano movers NYC, while thinking about concerts and musical happenings in NYC? Or are you just an “average” person – like so many of us – who loves music and wants to see what the Big Apple has to offer? Well, either way, you are in luck – because there is always a concert or a musical event somewhere in the city. After all, this is the City That Never Sleeps – and some would say it might be because of all the music. If you are ready to explore this side of New York City, then this article is for you. Today, we take a look at some “can’t miss” events NYC hosts every year.

    What are the best concerts and musical happenings in NYC?

    Of course, we want to preface this list by saying that music tastes are different. What some people like – others might never enjoy it. However, we believe that everyone should be open to new experiences. This is why we are presenting our pick of some of the best music events in NYC.

    Winter Jazzfest

    The best movers NYC has to offer love listening to the best music around – jazz. And even if you do not agree with this notion, Winter Jazzfest is a spectacle you need to experience for yourself. The festival features a huge array of talents and is a great way to open each year. It usually takes place in January, and you can use it as a tool to discover new musicians or to enjoy your favorites. There are 100 sets that take place in multiple venues, so you are sure to run into something you will enjoy.

    winter in NYC
    Winter and jazz in NYC – is there anything better?

    River to River Festival

    River to River Festival is a beast unlike any other. There are concerts and events you can enjoy for free, mixed with wild dance performances too. It is an annual arts festival which happens every summer. All you need to do is take a stroll down to Lower Manhattan. You are sure to run into it. The main focus of the festival is artistic and creative diversity across disciplines. Many leading institutions in the downtown also participate, so you can even see live art and installations in public spaces too.

    Lower Manhattan
    Get to Lower Manhattan for some River to River fun.

    NYC Off-Broadway Week

    When people think about concerts and musical happenings in NYC, then Broadway is something that crosses everyone’s mind. Magical musicals mix singing with the theater to transport you into different worlds in a blink of an eye. However, you should also give Off-Broadway productions some credit too. That’s exactly what the biannual NYC Off-Broadway Week intends to do. It takes place every winter (usually in February) and fall (usually between September and October). You will be able to get 2-for-1 tickets to amazing productions. Who knows – maybe you will run into a hidden gem along the way.