The best tips for labeling moving boxes

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    While the moving day is approaching fast, the task of labeling moving boxes is too. There are numerous tips for labeling moving boxes that Movage Moving + Storage can offer, and you can just pick the one that will work best for you. The important thing is not to forget to label your moving boxes, otherwise, the box with china will be treated the same way as the box containing linen. The benefits are huge when you label the boxes correctly, and you decrease the risk of damage. Not only this, but you will also save a lot of time because you and your movers will not exactly where to place the boxes.

    tips for labeling moving boxes - a permanent black marker
    One of the best tips for labeling moving boxes is using a permanent, waterproof marker.

    What supplies will you need to label the moving boxes?

    Not a lot of them, since the task of labeling the moving boxes will not take you a lot of time and money. Here is what you should obtain before you start labeling the boxes.

    • Markers – They need to be of good quality and in different colors. Purchase a set of five permanent markers, as you will be able to use the color-coding system later on. It is vital that your markers are permanent as well as waterproof it is one of the first tips for labeling moving boxes. No matter how reliable the weather forecast is, you cannot count on a sunny day without rain.
    • Labels – Now you can download labels for moving boxes for free on the Internet. This is great, as these labels are useful and of good quality. They will help you label your boxes in the best way possible. Of course, you do not have to download them, you can make the labels on your own.
    • Tape – Purchase a transparent tape which you will use to place over the labels. There are tapes in colors as well, and we recommend that you get some of those too. Your boxes will not look too mundane, but otherwise, they will make it really hard to misplace the boxes in different colors.

    The color-coding system

    The color-coding system is fun and it is among the best tips for labeling moving boxes. However, the best feature it has is that it is quite easy. Take your set of five markers first. Then use one color for each room that you have. The blue color is usually associated with the bathroom as it is connected to water. The orange color is the best for the kitchen and you can associate it with the color of your kitchen, or oranges, carrots, etc.

    If you are not sure how to pack your kitchen, check out the tips and tricks for packing your kitchen. The trick is not to think too hard about it, just make a meaningful connection and remember it that way. You can use the green color for your bedroom as it is associated with peace and serenity, the place where you have your rest. You do not have to use it in this way, the point is to use your imagination.

    a woman laying on the floor surrounded by moving boxes
    You can choose any labeling system, as long as you do not skip this step, because labeling moving boxes will make the unpacking a lot easier.

    The numbering system

    Number your moving boxes and make your life a lot easier. Here you need a little bit more preparation time. Take your inventory list and when packing a single box, write down the number of the box. For example, take a box and write number one on it. Then, in the inventory list mark number 1 next to the items that are in that box. This is very useful, as you will know exactly where are your items just by looking at the box. You will never have to open the box and search through it to find one single item that may be in a totally different box. Now, your movers will not know what is inside each box, so you should write the exact room where each box will go.

    Write the content on the box itself

    This is always an option and it will also make everything a lot easier. Simply write books or dishes on every box. Try to make the letters as big as you can, and make sure your handwriting is easy to read. One of the tips for labeling moving boxes is to write the room and the content on the box. In this way, you or your movers will know where to place the box. On the other hand, when unpacking, you will know exactly what is in each box.

    a dog inside a cardboard box
    Always label the boxes with a sign that says Fragile or Handle with care, as it will save your breakable items.

    Final tips for labeling moving boxes

    There are a few tips for labeling moving boxes that should not be overlooked. Remember to do the following things when labeling your moving boxes:

    • Pack and label – Do not let a lot of time to pass before you label your moving boxes. As soon as you pack your items, move on and label them. Otherwise, you will forget what is inside each box.
    • Mark as Fragile – If you follow the tips for packing liquids in a moving box, they can still get damaged if not properly labeled. Write Fragile on the moving box, and you will save your breakable items.
    • Label the boxes on 3 sides at least – It is not enough to just label one side of the moving box. It is vital to label the boxes on top and on 2 sides. In this way, you will not have to go around the box to see the label.

    After we have seen the best tips for labeling moving boxes, there is one thing left to say. Label your moving boxes with care and focus. Dedicate time to choose the best labeling system. There is no reason to rush these things, just do one box at the time. Good luck!