How to pack your garage before the move

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    Perhaps one of the most annoying things that you need to do in the moving process is packing. Especially so when it comes to the items that you have in your garage. Some of these items can be really difficult or tricky to pack. You will need to be creative. The best way to pack your garage before the move is to enlist the help of Brooklyn local movers and have them give you advice or pack everything for you. However, if you wish to do it on your own, that is fine too. You will need to apply some organizational skills, gather packing and moving materials, create a labeling system and so on.

    In order to make that process a lot more manageable, we have for you some:

    Properly pack your garage before the move – Useful tips

    Here are some tips that might help you a lot in the process of packing your garage:

    • Organize and declutter
    • Have a garage sale!
    • Gather necessary moving supplies to pack your garage before the move
    • Don’t pack non-allowable items
    • How to pack awkward garage items before the move?
    • Label everything properly
    • Hire a professional moving company
    Declutter and organize everything properly!

    Organize and declutter

    The first thing that you need to do is figure out what is coming with you and what is staying. This is a lengthy process that you will need quite a bit of time for. It is best to start early when it comes to this because you may wish to postpone it over and over again. And then, before you know it, moving day is near and you haven’t done anything. That is why you need to organize your time. If you divide the work into smaller chunks, you will both finish it easier and be more eager to do it, knowing that it will not last long.

    When it comes to decluttering, most of the Movers NJ agree that you need to create several piles of items. On one pile you will put all of the items that are making the move with you and the items that are not will be going to another pile. There will be a lot of smaller, “maybe”, piles too. You will need to do several passes on these piles before you can definitely place them into either a “Yes” or a “No” pile. This is what takes a lot of time because some items that you may not wish to keep could be priceless for another member of your family. And then you start to talk…

    All in all, this can take quite a bit of your time and effort but the nice part is about it that after you’re done, you can:

    Have a garage sale!

    That’s right, all those items that are not coming with you can earn you a tidy sum. Simply put them all up for sale and advertise around the neighborhood that you are having a garage sale. You can also take advantage of the internet and its places about garage sales. If you only want to get rid of some items while having a fun day, you don’t really need to advertise much, though. However, if you have a lot of items to sell and you think that there may be enough interest, then marketing is alpha and omega, so to speak. The more you put into advertising, the better your garage sale will be, simple as that.

    People usually make the mistake of preparing everything perfectly, pricing the items just right, and so on, without placing a lot of effort into marketing. All your hard work is moot if people do not know that your garage sale even exists.

    Gather necessary moving supplies to pack your garage before the move

    Before you can actually pack anything, you will need to have boxes that you will put your things into and packing materials to secure the items within the boxes. Now, there are several ways of going about this business. Simply going to the nearest store and buying a lot of packing materials is one way of going about it. You may visit the store several times to purchase additional materials, however. You can also try to find cheap packing materials and boxes. The way you go about this is you will try to find people that have moved recently. They will most likely have surplus packing materials, since most people buy more than they actually need, just in case. While being a good practice, this will leave them with useless packing stuff, after the move.

    Gather enough moving boxes, packing paper, and other supplies.

    Simply ask these people to buy this stuff off of them, for a fraction of the retail price. Some people will even give away some of those.

    Don’t pack non-allowable items

    Obviously, you can have a lot of items that are not allowable to be transported, in your garage. These are any explosive items, such as ammunition, some lawnmower parts, and so on. If you are unsure of which items are not allowed inside a moving truck, simply either ask the moving company that is supposed to transport them or do some research online to figure it out.

    How to pack awkward garage items before the move?

    There are certain techniques that you can employ while packing some of the awkward items that will simply not fit inside a box. They are all item-specific, however, and the best thing, again, is to contact your movers and ask them about the items. Their advice will not cost you a dime and they are the professionals, after all. You can’t get better advice than that.

    Label everything properly

    After packing everything, make sure that your labeling system is not confusing or misdirecting. To be quite honest, simply taking a few minutes to think about the labeling system will give you several ideas on how to go about it. The important thing is that the system can be understood. Both by you and someone who is just seeing a box with a label on it. The letters need to be big and the writing needs to be legible.

    Label every box after sealing.

    Hire a professional moving company

    Of course, the absolute best way to pack your garage before the move is to call in professionals for the job. It will set you back a bit but the amount of work that you will not do will lessen that burden considerably.