Moving to New Jersey with a pet: what to expect?

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    Time has come for you to pack your things as you are about to move to New Jersey. You are very excited about this, but at the same time, a bit worried. The reason for your worry is that you are also bringing your pet along. Since this will be a completely new environment, moving to New Jersey with a pet seems like a challenge. Don’t sweat it. If you have managed to find a solution for your piano by contacting piano movers NJ, you will manage one pet. There are many companies specialized for moving pets, so just be patient and contact more than one to find out basic information. After you decide on the ideal way of transportation for your pet, the real fun begins. Just follow our next instructions and you should be fine.

    Before moving to New Jersey with a pet

    Consider a transportation route for your pet

    If your pet was just one more fragile thing that needs safe storing, we would say check out climate controlled storage NJ movers have to offer. But since we are talking about a very much alive creature, you must explore other options. Distance from your old to a new home will dictate if you will be moving your pet to New Jersey by car or by plane. Moving by car will be far easier, but longer and more exhausting. Going by plane, on the other hand, can be an unnecessary hassle for you and your pet due to numerous regulations.

    Keep it cool and don’t break the routine

    If you own a cat or a dog, they can pick up your mood swings. And you can bet you will have a lot of them during the packing process. Try to be calm and relaxed around them. The last thing you need is an anxious pet when you are on the edge of nerves yourself. If you have a pet that you need to feed and walk at a certain time, do not walk away from that obligation. We know it is easy to lose track of time when in hell of packing, but try and to stick to the routine as much as possible. 

    Vaccinate your pet and adjust it to a kennel before moving to New Jersey

    If you have not used the kennel by now, it is time to start practicing. Do not expect your pet to get used to the kennel right away. You need to be patient and persistent. It would be good to put them in it periodically, during a period of a month before your move. Since you will be quite busy once you arrive in New Jersey, do not leave the visit to the vet until the last moment. Get your pet vaccinated, and take some extra medication from the vet, in case of any emergencies. You can always turn to professionals when it comes to moving a pet, but there are few things to know about moving contracts.

    Vaccine required before moving to New Jersey with a pet
    Make sure you vaccinate your dog against rabies

    Bringing the pet on a road with you or only after the move

    Both of these options have their pros and cons. On one hand, if you have someone you can leave your pet with, you should consider this. As it is easier not to have your pet around while unpacking. On the other hand, separation anxiety can kick in with your pet if you leave him. It might think you have left him for good, and you surely do not want that. You should make this decision based on the type of your pet and it’s personality and temperament.

    Find a pet-friendly place to live in

    When relocating to New Jersey with a pet, prior to the move you need to check all pet-friendly places. If you decide to go to New Jersey by car, you will stop a lot, and may even have to spend the night in a hotel. Find the hotel that will accept you bringing your pet. The same goes if you are renting a house or an apartment. Make sure your new building allows pets, as you do not plan to separate from it under any circumstances. You will have to pay an extra fee for owning a pet, but you know it is worth every cent. If you are buying a property, then go with the house, as nothing can compare to having a yard.

    A dog in a yard
    Best place to live in with a pet is a house with its own yard

    Settling down in New Jersey after the move with a pet

    Get to know New Jersey laws and regulations about pets

    Whenever moving to a new city, we recommend searching online all you need to know. In this instance, check out what city law says about owning a pet and what comes with it. In New Jersey, each dog older than seven months will need to have a yearly license. The idea behind this license is to improve the situation with vaccination against rabies. In order to get a license, the owner must supply the proof that the pet has been vaccinated. This proof should show that this vaccine is valid for the next ten months. If you own a more exotic animal than a dog or a cat, check if there are any specific rules you need to follow.

    Iguana in terrarium
    Check New Jersey laws and regulations for more exotic pets

    Sniff around the neighborhood

    No matter how well prepared you are, this move will certainly come as a shock to your pet. As you know, dogs can hear and smell several hundred times more than a human, so it might come as overwhelming. Try exploring places and parks around the block before you start taking your pet to more distant walks and places. Let it embrace all the new smells and sounds. Having a pet is only one out of several best ways to explore your new neighborhood. Find pet-friendly cafes, bars, restaurants you can take your pet in. Get to know other pet owners from your building and block, and enjoy your pet socializing with others. 

    Create a new routine with your pet after moving to New Jersey

    Some things will be the same, such as your pet’s toys, sleeping pillow or a blanket, and his snacks. But since both of you are now living in a different city, some new routines should be introduced. First of all, make sure you spend as much time as possible with your pet, after the move to New Jersey. This way, it will feel safe, even when you are out of the house for several hours. Some pets might show some rebellion by chewing on your new furniture or scratching on the door. But if signs of separation anxiety don’t end after a couple of months, take your pet to the local vet. Ask what to do in order to make this transition easier on your four-legged friend.