Moving to Closter with your family

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    Moving anywhere with a family is a huge step. Simply put, moving is always a complicated process with a lot of implications on one’s life. People move for various reasons and there are generally a lot of us that move every few years, but once you have a family moving seems to be even more of a difficult affair. After all, even though it was complicated, when you are moving on your own, you only do have to take care of yourself. Pack your items, find the apartment on your terms, etc. But now that you have kids, you have a whole different list of things that you have to cover in your relocation. With all of that being said, we completely understand why you want all the tips you can get before moving to Closter with your family. That is why we are here to help!

    Moving to Closter with your family – basic info

    To even talk about how moving to Closter with your family via moving companies NJ should look like, we first need to talk about what kind of place Closter is.

    Well, first off, some definitions. Closter is a borough of the New Jerseys Bergen County. It has a small, stable population of around 8300 people. Cloister has a total area of around 3,295 sq mi and its time is UTC-05:00

    moving to Closter with your family - kids looking and writing
    How to prepare for moving to Closter?

    The first family to move to where your family intends to move was the Nagel family in the 1710s. It was originally a Dutch colony, therefore, its name, Closter, derives from the Dutch word of Kloostera quiet place.

    From this description, it is clear why “the hub of the northern valley” is a nice place to move to. Peace for the whole family…

    However, you need more than just pretty scenery to justify a family relocation. Let us, therefore, talk about the more specific parts of your new home.

    • Education – As anyone that is moving to Closter with your family, you must be interested in what schools your kids will attend. Well, if they are pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, they will have the Cloister Public Schools. After that, it is off to Northern Valley Regional High Schools at Demarest.
    • Transportation – You are near the country route 501, 502 and 505, Palisades Interstate Parkway, and U.S Route 9W. as for public transportation.
    • Recreation – There are several parks you will have an opportunity to relax in, 6 in total, with also Cloister Plaza for fun dinners in restaurants and shopping!
    • Safety – Cloister is considered to be very safe, as it is a small community with a low crime rate.

    Hire good movers

    This should come as rather obvious but you need to hire good movers for your plan of moving to Closter with your family. While moving with a family still doesn’t reach the levels of complexity seen in jobs that office movers NYC have to face – it is not that far of. With a family, as you might know, everything becomes much more of a multifaceted. Suddenly, going to the park, an activity that required no planning whatsoever becomes something that needs to be organized for the kids. Now imagine that on the moving your home scale. Yea, you need professionals.

    Luckily, there are plenty of moving companies that are ready to step up and help you out. However, you need to know how to find the right one for you. The best course of action is to:

    • Find a licensed company to help with moving to Closter with your family
    • Read the online reviews of the movers to make sure they are good with their clients
    • To start setting up the move as soon as possible to plan everything out with them.

    Start planning early

    To make sure you hire best movers NYC you need to start planning for moving to Closter with your family as soon as possible. Make sure that you start at least a month prior. As for planning itself, having a checklist will help a lot in making sure you stay organized while the moving day approaches.

    a plannign checklist
    You have to be prepared!

    Make sure you write down the tasks that have to be done like utilization disconnections, packing, downsizing, etc. Best that you write down, rather than risk the chance of forgetting to do to pressures of both moving and everyday life that will be exerted upon you.


    If you need to move a long distance, it is a good idea that you downsize before you do so, leaving only what you need and want for your new home. You can donate to charity, sell online or at a garage sale, or simply find a good place for it in rented storage. Just remember to ask yourself “have I used it in the past year” when trying to figure out what to downsize…

    Kids on a moving day

    Kids on a moving day, if young, are best exempt from the day itself. while having them involved in packing and maybe even researching is good, as it gives them agency, they are best put out of the house while the movers do their job.

    Two girls
    How to handle your kids on a moving day?

    Be sure to visit the best parks Cloister borough has to offer with the kids while the movers move you into your new home!

    In conclusion

    Every family is different and every relocation is different as well. That is exactly why we cannot tell if moving to Closter with your family is the best choice for you. However, we hope that, after all the information, you now can! We hope that you have all the tips on how to move with a family. Furthermore knowing where exactly are you moving too. Just remember to plan thoroughly, to stay organized, and to start as soon as possible with your selections of movers. All of that should result in smooth sailing!