Preparing for a move to Manhattan NY

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    New York is a beautifully chaotic metropolis, where so-called “Melting pot” comes to its full glory, it is the capital of the American dream. Moving to a wonderful, culturally diverse city like New York is an exciting decision that also requires a lot of advance planning. With proper help preparing for a move to Manhattan NY can be joyful. When hiring moving companies Manhattan NY be sure that all your expectations will be fulfilled.

    Ask around before you move!

    Ask for tips from New Yorkers. Talk to a person that already lives in Manhattan about all the good and less good aspects of life in Manhattan. In case you don’t know anybody that already lives in the city, try to look online on different forums and ask questions. Ask them for information or resources that might be valuable to you.

    Manhattan is definitely the most famous district in the world.  With more than 1.6 million people living here, it is the financial center of the world. The rent prices are quite expensive. For example, a one-room apartment is almost impossible to find under $2500 per month. However, you can’t find any other place in the world where the cultural and business offer is more alluring than here. In Manhattan, you can find a lot of museums, parks, and corporate headquarters.

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    Relocation to Manhattan NY can be stress-free if you carefully prepare for a move!

    Prepare for a move to Manhattan NYC because preparation is everything!

    The rental experience in NYC is unique. Preparation is key, to avoid last-minute stress, plan all the details of your move weeks in advance and pack before calling packing services NYC. Everything does not go always as we plan so to avoid stressful situations when preparing for a move to Manhattan NY here are some tips:

    • Clean up and declutter! Clean out the cellar and the floor. Sometimes less is more. Minimalism lifestyle can be great for you!
    • Organize a yard sale to get rid of the items that you don’t use anymore
    • Driveaway bulky waste or make an appointment
    • Put forward special leave to the employer
    • Set up a key handover date for an old and new apartment
    • Organize babysitters if you have children
    • Select the right moving company


    How far are we moving to?

    Most people relocate at least once during their lifetime. The move is easier to “handle” if you are moving within a city or even a district. Depending on the size of your household, you may even look at renting a truck for the large furniture.  If you move further away to another city or another country it can become harder. The bigger the household and the further away from the move, the better you can be advised with professional help Residential relocation can be done without wasting your money and time! Having a professional advisor at your side can save you a lot of hassle.

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    Move to Manhattan NY can be joyful with a trustworthy moving company

    Revise your Budget

    Manhattan can be quite expensive, and depending on the city that you’re relocating from, it may call for a drastic change in the way that you deal with your money. A family of four for example who are accustomed to living snugly on $48,000 a year in Marshall County, Mississippi, would need $93,500 to live the same lifestyle in New York City. Childcare, housing and insurance top the list of the biggest expenses in the city.

    In Manhattan, rental apartments make up three-quarters of all homes. The average monthly rent for a Manhattan apartment hit $4,000. Harlem, in particular, saw the greatest increase, with rates jumping to an average of $2,528 in the typically low-cost neighborhood. Newcomers to this part of the city must prepare to adjust their budgets accordingly.

    New York traffic

    What distinguishes New York City from many other parts of the United States, is that New York City has excellent public transportation. If you already decided to move to Manhattan you should definitely abstain from having your own car. By doing so you will without doubt save some money and a lot of nerves. If you plan to keep your car, your best option is not to drive it, but to store it. Finding a parking spot in New York City can be an extremely difficult task, but even if you have luck in finding a parking spot you need to think about moving it the next day so that you fulfill the street regulations. You can hang on to the vehicle for trips out of town, but you won’t need it on a daily basis.

    stairs for Subway
    With the “Subway” you can get to almost every part of the city

    “Subway” can take you easily to almost every part of the city. You may need a couple of days to get the hang of it and to learn which line will take you where. During rush hour it can happen that you need an hour from one end to the other. Next to the subway, taxis are also very popular and convenient to get around New York City.

    Things to look for when choosing a moving company

    When preparing for a move to Manhattan NY choosing the right moving company is the key. You must do your research well and pay attention to details. Making a choice can be a stressful task but you can make that choice easier by comparing moving companies. Of course, price is at the top of the list when choosing a company to help you relocate. You should also look for a company that has experience. The experience inspires confidence when it comes to moving companies. The last but not the least important thing to look for when choosing a moving company is insured in case of damage.