What to check before hiring a moving company?

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    If you are not a DIY pro mover, you cannot really go through a relocation without engaging professional help. Whether we are talking about residential movers NYC or the long-distance ones, it does not matter. There are things during the move that just cannot be done without them. Hiring a moving company will require some financial adjustment and time. If you do not have much or any experience in moving, do not hire movers before speaking to someone with more involvement in this subject matter. There are things you should check before hiring a moving company, and you might not do this if you are not aware that you actually need to. We will try and summarize the most important things you need to check before hiring movers.

    Online reviews and people’s recommendations are your friends

    So, you need to move, and you are probably wondering where to start this adventure from. What you need is a moving date, first of all. You can already have one set up by the circumstances, or you might be flexible. Whichever of the two, you now need to find a moving company that will fit into your schedule. Start by asking your friends or colleagues for a recommendation. You will probably end up with several names at least. The next thing you need to check before hiring a moving company is its online reviews. Whether these are the best movers NYC can offer or the worst, they will have accessible reviews on their website. Check other people’s experiences and see which from the list you can eliminate based on the bad reviews. People often leave fake remarks, but you’ll be able to recognize those.

    A woman doing an online check before hiring a moving company
    Do your homework and check online reviews and credentials of the companies you might be considering for hire

    What is the most important thing to check before hiring a moving company?

    Once you have shortened your list after reading the reviews, one more check is due. And this one is much more important than people’s online opinion. What we are talking about is the license of a moving company and its credentials. You are now probably asking yourself how can you check such a thing. Well, good news! In this day and age, you can check everything on the internet, on relevant websites. In order to see if a company you might be considering for hire is licensed, you need to visit a website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You should be able to find each company in the country on their website and check if they own a license. A company with no license should not be taken into consideration at all.

    Check the company’s service variety and capacity before hiring it

    After you have narrowed down the number of potential moving companies, there are a few more things to go through. What you need to check before hiring a moving company is if the service they provide fits your needs. For example, if you need to move long-distance and the company you are considering does not have the experience and means for that, cross them off the list. The number of available vehicles and the number of services is something you need to look for. What if you need movers only for packing certain stuff, or packing in general. Or if you need them to disassemble and take away your furniture. You need to find a company that can do this for you. You can also look for some tips for negotiating a moving package. It could benefit you a lot.

    Man handing over plastic containers from the truck
    It is important to know what sorts of services a moving company provides so you can decide if they fit your needs

    Conclusion on what to check before hiring a moving company

    What we have learned from the above are the following several things. Ask for help in the form of a recommendation. Do not take recommendations lightly but check the legitimacy of the companies online. You can do this by checking their license status and online reviews. Check the company’s availability at the time you plan to move and their capacity. The costs are something to debate about and negotiate, but the price should not be in the top three things that will define your decision on which company to hire.