Staying safe during your move: 5 simple tips

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    If you are moving on a budget and therefore not using the services of Brooklyn local movers, be aware of the certain risks. You might have not thought about this, but your safety is as important as one of your belongings. In order to achieve it, we are suggesting  5 tips for staying safe during your move.

    1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes in order to stay safe during your move

    Since you will not be using the services of the movers NJ is offering, you must take care of everything. Choose clothes you will feel most comfortable in, and that you don’t mind getting dirty or even ripped. This means no baggy trousers or anything that can cause you to trip, lose balance or catch something while walking. Comfortable tights and a sweatshirt should do the trick. When it comes to your shoes, no high heels or flip flops should be considered. Either some comfy sneakers/trainers or mid-ankle boots. These will protect your feet and ensure you stay safe during the move.

    Woman in tights and a sweatshirt
    Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes

    2. Listen to your body and your mind

    It may sound ridiculous but you need to stay in good shape during this moving process. And in order to do that, you need to eat healthily and drink a lot of water. Absence of this can lead to light-headedness and fainting. Also, getting enough sleep is really important. We know moving is a stressful event and you tend to stay up late to pack up as much as you can. But this can lead to reduced concentration, which can lead to any sort of injury or harm. Don’t play a hero, listen to what your body and mind are telling you and you will stay safe during your move.

    3. Clear the walking path

    You should always use the same path for taking boxes out. And that path should at all times be obstacles-free. Clear the room you are walking through, as you do not want to trip over something that can lead to an injury. When we say obstacles, we mean small kids and pets as well. Get rid of them by isolating them in a separate part of the house or find a family member to look after them while you finish the packing. You will have enough time to prepare your kids for the move later. The same rules apply for the outside path, especially if it has been raining or snowing. You cannot risk losing balance on the ice in front of the house. You need to take every precaution in order to stay safe during your move.

    4. Learning lifting techniques means staying safe during your move

    You can check lifting techniques out on the internet. The most valuable advice is not to bend your back while lifting a box, but bending your knees. You want to keep your back straight, preventing any straining and injury. Also, you need to keep the box close to yourself and not above your head or in front of you. Any movement in place should be with your feet and not your hips. If you are moving bulky items, this will require different approach as you most certainly will not lift these. Before any of the lifting, we suggest some light stretching to relieve the muscle tension and warm you up.

    Woman stretching for staying safe during the move
    Do not forget to stretch a bit before any lifting

    5. Packing techniques

    First of all, do not overfill your boxes. Each box should weigh around 5o pounds. If you have a bigger and heavier box, ask someone to assist you, there is no shame in that. Packing sharp objects such as knives or some tools should be done using a lot of bubble wrap. You can even use some cushions or towels, to prevent from cutting yourself in the process. The biggest favor you can do to yourself is buying or renting a dolly. This way, you can carry multiple boxes at once, and keep your back from any potential injury. This is what we call staying safe while moving.