The best time to relocate: according to movers

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    Every relocation begins with a date. As soon as you decided that you will move, you must set a moving date and begin your preparations. And how much time you spare for your relocation will dictate the moving price and the complexity of the move. But what you maybe did not know, is that the moving seasons vary in price. Therefore, let us explain how it works so you can figure out the best time to relocate your home.

    When is the best time to relocate?

    Hopefully, you’ll have at least a month to prepare everything. There are many stages ahead, and four weeks is the bare minimum to cover packing, legalities, and transportation. And by our research, summer is the best time to relocate. You can get up early in the morning and relocate your home before the summer heat is upon you. If you are lucky, you’ll avoid the summer rains as well. But keep in mind that due to the high-volume in moving demands, prices are higher as well. All movers are booked tightly and you might even miss out if you do not contact your movers well in advance. On the other hand, moving during winter is a different story.

    People move less and prices can be up to 30% lower. Lack of business in the moving industry opens opportunities for all kinds of negotiations and discounts. Moreover, people think that winter is unsafe for moving. But it is quite the opposite. You can argue that it is much safer due to the lack of traffic overall. Fewer cars on the road make it all much safer.

    In a search for a better price?

    Ok, now when you know the time of the year, you must choose the day of the month. The best time to relocate is in the middle of the month. Avoid searching for a new apartment or a moving company around the 1st in the month. Leases renew and expire and many people move at that time which means higher prices and greater competition. Therefore, the second and third week of the month is ok and try to pick the middle of the week as well. Half of the moves are executed over the weekend, and if possible, try to set your date for the middle of the week.

    Calendar on a table next to a laptop
    Pick a date and start making plans for your relocation.

    With this in mind, you can set your own date. Of course, if your working schedule allows it. And if you do so, you’ll cut the moving cost significantly. But keep in mind that you still must contact your long distance movers NJ at least a month upfront. Make sure that you book your date on time to avoid any unpleasant situations.

    Moving over the colder months.

    You can find a much better deal in the non-peak season. Prices are significantly lower and scheduling much easier. If this is the best time to relocate for you, you should know this. Due to all the heavy raining and snowing, you’ll have to prepare some protective gear. Gloves, raincoats, hats, shovels, and of course, hot beverages for yourself and your helpers. Also, you might need additional moving service NYC because the overall organization is harder in such an environment. Maybe you’ll need more workers or better packing materials to cover your cargo.

    Snow falling in the city at night
    Moving during winter is viable as any other season. Think about it.

    Moreover, you must be extremely careful since moving in bad weather has a bit higher chances of moving mishaps. For example, if you do not secure the area around your home, someone might slip and hurt themselves. And moving bulky items over the slippery surface is ten times harder and more dangerous. Therefore, cover the road between your home and the loading dock with the cardboard to soak all the water. Also, spread salt all over the place to break the ice and use shovels to remove snow. This will reduce the chances of moving injuries.

    Moving during summer might be the best time to relocate.

    You would probably like to move while the weather is good? Yes, many people do. Summer is the peak season for the moving industry and movers are booked tight. Furthermore, prices are higher, stable, and almost the same across the board. But if you need any special moving services like to hire piano movers NJ, prices might be a bit different. But do not worry, if the only special items you move is a piano, you won’t have a hard time.

    Summer is the best time to relocate.
    Summer is the best time to relocate for most people. Prices can be higher but the weather is almost always good.

    So, if you decide to move during summer, keep in mind that you should pack, declutter, and organize early in the morning. Cover bit by bit over the upcoming weeks and do it in the early hours to avoid extreme heat during the day. On the day of the move equip yourself with refreshing beverages, protective sunhats, sunglasses, etc. Keep this inside of your home cool but keep your AC under control. You do not want anyone getting cold. But most important is to hydrate enough and take short breaks once in a while.

    Negotiate a better deal.

    If you are a lucky one, and you are moving in the winter, in the middle of the month, and in the middle of the week, you can negotiate your deal a bit. The non-peak season has significantly lower relocation numbers and movers won’t turn any customers away. This means you can ask for a discount, free services, and any kind of accommodations you desire. You have nothing to lose if you ask. We are sure that movers will accommodate any reasonable request in order to have the opportunity to do business with you. Therefore, ask away and negotiate with the moving company of your choice.

    Obtain everything in writing and purchase your moving insurance? It is time to move.

    Now, whatever deal you snatch, be sure to get it all in writing. You never know which company you can rely on and which one is fraudulent. Therefore, if you are buying any moving services, be sure to know what you are paying for. Everything should be clearly stated and written down in the moving contract. And think about those services for a second. Movers will offer but they won’t argue if you buy a service you do not need. For example, if you have more stuff than you can carry over, you should declutter and downsize. Better you to do this part than to leave this one to your movers. Or a better solution would be to rent a climate controlled storage NJ to store all your excess items for later use.

    Read your moving contract at least twice and pay attention to the fine print at the bottom. To be on a safe side, maybe you should add moving insurance to it. This way you’ll cover physical damages, theft, and loss of your belongings. It is not expensive and it is easily accessible. You can even purchase full coverage from an insurance company. Whatever suits you best.

    Remember this when the time comes. it would be a great shame to lose money on this end now when you saved so much on your moving date and with your negotiating skills. And there we go, now you know the best time to relocate. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick your date at your leisure and organize everything in due time. Good luck and have a safe journey.