4 tips for moving your piano with ease

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    There are numerous kinds of relocations. On the one side, you have a regular one where you do not even need help while on the other side you have relocation where you have to be very careful. The piano is one of the things that you have to be cautious about since it can cost a lot of money. Yes, the easiest thing is to hire piano movers NJ and relax. On the other hand, it is not always possible and you sure do not need that so that you could have a successful move. Learn a couple of tips for moving your piano with ease and enjoy your music the same way as before!

    Tips for moving your piano with ease – prepare moving supplies

    Many people are afraid to do something by themselves, especially when it involves something complicated as piano. But, with the help of these tips for moving your piano with ease, you will feel like you can do it anytime. You can’t relocate a piano without the use of moving supplies. Their role is to keep your piano protected as well as you. What are the most important moving supplies that you are going to need?

    • Moving blankets- There is a simple explanation of why moving blankets are one of the most important things when moving a piano. Their role is to protect a piano from getting damaged in any way during transportation. If you are not feeling like spending money on blankets, you can use towels instead.
    • Tape- Since there will be a lot of blankets or towels that you will need, you need to tape them all together so that they stay fixated. You do not want something to peel off during transportation since the piano may end up in a lot of scratches.
    • Piano skid board- If you have a grand piano at your disposal, it will require more moving supplies. A piano skid board is a perfect way to handle your relocation. You will need a screwdriver to be sure that the piano will stay on it.

    How to avoid forgetting something in the process?

    When it comes to a more complicated relocation like moving with a piano, there is a chance that you will forget something that you absolutely need for the packing process. Be sure to make a moving checklist where you can just cross as soon as you finish something. This is the best way to assure that everything is going by the plan!

    a checklist - tips for moving your piano with ease
    Make a moving checklist to be sure not to forget something

    Measure everything

    Before you try and relocate a piano on your own, you will have to make sure that the piano can fit through the doors and narrow hallways in your house. Many people make this crucial mistake and forget doing this. When the time comes for heavy lifting, there is a problem. In order to avoid this, always measure two things: a piano and places where it has to go through. A piano should be the last thing that will go out. For example, furniture can be on the way when moving it. Everything should be empty so that you could have room to maneuver.

    a measuring tape
    Be sure that your piano can fir through doors and hallways

    Disassemble the piano

    If you want to relocate your piano with ease, you will most likely have to disassemble it. Of course, it would take forever if you try to disassemble the whole piano but there are some things that you will have to. Legs and pedals are two things that can be problematic when relocating a piano and getting it through doors. A simple screwdriver is enough for this job. This is a job that you do not want to do alone since the piano will get unstable as soon as you remove one leg. Be sure always to have someone with you that can at least stabilize the piano so that it does not fall and injure you!

    hand tools
    You will have to disassemble the piano before moving

    Get help!

    You have to understand that you can’t relocate a piano on your own. You will need help from either professionals or your friends and family. The main difference between hiring movers and DIY relocation is the price and experience. Yes, you can save money if you are willing to go through all the hard work by yourself. On the other hand, your helpers may not have the experience necessary for the job. Even though it sounds easy, it is not. A piano can be quite heavy and some of your helpers may not be the best choice for the job.

    Put the piano in the storage

    This is not a necessity when moving a piano but a useful tip that can help you. In order to do this, you will have to get climate-controlled storage NJ. A piano is a delicate and expensive matter and you sure do not want the humidity to ruin the wood. There is one important thing if you are considering placing your piano in the storage. Do this several days before the actual relocation. The reason is simple, you will decrease the amount of work that you have to do on a moving day. If you disassemble and put your piano in the storage unit on time, you will not have to do that much work on a moving day. You can just load it onto a moving truck when the moving day comes and that is it.


    Relocating with a piano can become a nightmare pretty easily. But only if you are not careful enough and if you do not know what you have to do. There are a lot of tips for moving your piano with ease but the most important ones are located on this list. Even though this may sound like a piece of cake, it is not. There is still a lot of work that you have to do. It may not all go as planned but a good thing is that you know what you have to do and what to avoid. It should be enough for you to have a good and relaxed move.