When is the best time to clean out your attic

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    The attic. The place of wonder and dread. There are usually so many memories stored in the attic and it is might not be easy to clean them out. However, let’s presume that you’ve made the decision, you have everything sorted out, you just need to know one thing. What is the best time to clean out your attic? The most obvious, and true answer is that it depends. While this might not be the answer you are looking for, it is the absolute truth. We all have different lives and what works for one might not work for another. The best way to go about it, however, is to hire cleaning services, such as the ones that Movage Moving & Storage can provide. By hiring their help, you can circumvent the whole “best time” thing, as any time will be the best time!

    However, if you want to do it on your own, in this article we will explore:

    When is the best time to clean out your attic?

    Here are some considerations for your attic cleaning:

    • Spring attic cleaning
    • Is winter the best time to clean out your attic?
    • Emergency attic cleaning
    • Hire cleaning services to clean out your attic
    • Best time to clean out your attic – Moving in and out?
    When is the best time to clean your attic? Winter, spring, fall, summer? Make sure to clean your attic at least two times per year!

    Spring attic cleaning

    Spring is the universal “best time” for attic cleaning. The temperature is quite mild and will not give you too many troubles. The best time to start is as early in the morning as you feel comfortable. You can always stop whenever the heat becomes too much to bear. Starting in the morning will give you quite a few hours to work with. Another benefit of cleaning your attic in the spring is that you can inspect the insulation before the summer when your HVAC load will be the highest. If there are any signs of dampness or moisture, you will know to arrange some repairs before the summer.

    Is winter the best time to clean out your attic?

    Well, depending on who you ask. If you clean your attic in the winter, you definitely will not need to worry about the heat, that’s for sure. Another thing that you might want to consider is that you may get more “residents” in the winter. Depending on where you live, you may have wildlife and various rodents trying to get inside your attic, trying to escape the cold weather outside. What you may want to do is pay close attention to any cracks, holes, and gaps in the walls. These will all serve as entry points for uninvited guests. It is best to start the whole process before the cold really starts, to ensure that your attic remains your own. However, after you are done with cleaning, you should also sanitize your items in the attic.

    attic snow
    One of the cold winter days can be a perfect day for cleaning your attic!

    Emergency attic cleaning

    Speaking of animals in the attic, there are times that call for emergency attic cleaning. While the animals themselves are not really a danger to anyone, their feces kind of are. Your insulation may get compromised and even become toxic. This is something that can potentially get very serious. The best way to deal with such a situation is to immediately hire professionals. Do not try to do this on your own as it might pose a considerable health risk. While it may not be COVID-19, there are many diseases that you can contract in such places. Do not even take that chance, let the professionals handle it.

    Furthermore, you simply do not have the proper equipment to deal with the situation. You may need special chemicals to remove pheromones and other bacteria in your attic.

    Hire cleaning services to clean out your attic

    And speaking of special chemicals, you may need some of them to clean out the attic itself. While you can definitely go and shop for such chemicals on your own, the fact of the matter is that it is much easier to hire cleaning services and be done with it. Usually, the attic is not really the most enjoyable place to clean and you may even need special equipment in order to do it the right way. While you may not have the equipment, a professional cleaning company will definitely have everything that your attic, and its possible inhabitants, needs.

    Even if you don’t have any animals within your attic, hiring professionals will relieve you of much stress and physical strain. Attic cleaning services can also do much more than simply clean it out. They can repair and replace old insulation, organize, deodorize, and disinfect, to name a few. The work that would take you several days of painstaking labor can be done much faster with the proper equipment and experience. If you really want to do it on your own, at least contact professionals and ask for some advice. That is the best thing that you can do.

    cleaning supplies
    You can always hire cleaning services to help you clean your attic.

    Best time to clean out your attic – Moving in and out?

    If you are constantly moving in and out, then the best time to clean the attic would be either before you move in or before you move out. Simple as that. If you hired any of the international shipping companies NJ to bring you new items constantly, for example, you may need to clean out the attic several times during the year. In this particular case, the best way to go about it is to figure out an organizational scheme. When you are constantly moving in and out and dealing with items coming in and out, the way that you do things becomes rather important. Figure out exactly when to do what and apply that to every time you need to clean the attic.

    Again, you may wish to consult professionals, maybe even set up some recurring services. Having to constantly clean out the attic can be both time-consuming and require a lot of effort on your part. It might be best to simply let someone else handle it while you deal with more lucrative businesses.