Best ways to declutter your home before the move

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    It is time to move. Next to the packing and relocating process, there are cleaning, downsizing, and decluttering as well. You listed all those steps on your moving checklist and now it is time to act. There is no better time to do it than now while you are in the middle of all planning and organizing. And this is not a simple everyday cleaning. It is a thorough inspection of your home and all your possessions. Therefore, let us make it all easier and show you the best way to declutter your home before the move.

    Now is the best time to declutter your home before the move.

    Since you are already moving everything you have, now it is time to take a closer look at some of the items. Start by inspecting everything. It is best to take a tour around the house and make a step-by-step plan. Slowly working your way through the rooms until you are all set and packed. We recommend beginning with the garage, basement, and the attic as those are places swarmed with old and unused items. Check all your clothing, furniture, tools, old electronics, seasonal items, etc. Make designated piles in each room and get ready for takeout. This way you’ll know how many items are left to be packed and transported. Then, you can contact your Queens movers and communicate the details further.

    This is a good way to save money while moving.

    Moving professionals are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable. But every bit of information will help them to make your relocation much easier and more efficient. And less costly as well. By removing a box or two, from each room, you are reducing the overall weight of the cargo. Moreover, there are fewer items to be carried, transported, and loaded into the truck. The whole process is quicker and this is a great way to reduce the moving costs. It is one of the ways to save money when moving without breaking a sweat. The only thing you must do is to muster the strength to get rid of it all.

    Declutter your home before the move and save your moving budget.
    If you declutter your home before the move, you’ll reduce the moving costs significantly.

    Furthermore, by removing some of the items you will open new possibilities. Maybe you’ll need a smaller truck, fewer workers to carry your boxes, and fewer moving tools. This is why you must declutter your home before the move. It will benefit you greatly in many ways.

    Cleaning is always good and refreshing!

    Pay special attention to your clothing, and the clothing of each member of the family. We are sure that there are seasonal items, outworn clothes, and torn pieces. Maybe some of it is good to go. Take a closer look at your socks, scarfs, ties, and all other items that might be taking a space in your drawer. All those items can be packed nicely and donated to a local shelter. Also, take a look at the Christmas decorations, ski equipment, gardening tools, and all other random items. If you declutter your home before the move you will have more space in your new home. It will come in handy if you are moving into a smaller apartment and have limited space for certain items.

    But if you want to keep all your items or some of it, there is a solution. It is not too expensive to become a storage unit owner. Check out some of the moving companies that rent storage units and obtain one cheaply. We recommend checking movers Fort Lee NJ as one of the storing solution providers. Here you can find storage of all shapes and sizes to cover all your needs. Think about this option as well.

    Get rid of the old and replace it with a brand new.

    It would be amazing if we can replace our complete wardrobe yearly. And other items in our home as well. But usually, that is not the case. We tend to emotionally attach to certain items and drag them through our lives for years. It is shown that replacing items over time is much more cost-efficient than having them stick around until they break. Therefore, guided by your desires and your budget, make a plan and replace items that need to be replaced. This is far better than to have two TVs, dishwasher, and a fridge, sitting in the basement waiting for a fix.

    Extreme clutter
    Do not let your basement look like this. Conduct a pre-move decluttering process and get rid of it all.

    Declutter your home before the move and organize your new space.

    To avoid further cluttering of your new apartment, there is a plan and the approach you can take to keep it all nice and tidy. Here are a few prime examples:

    • Excess items – Count to ten before you buy that lamp. Do you really need another one? You already have 5 in your home. Ask yourself, before getting swayed by the 75% off deal. Those items usually sit around the house without a purpose.
    • Declutter regularly – Try to remind yourself from time to time. It would be wise to organize a decluttering process similar to spring cleaning at least once in three months. Clutter tends to appear out of nowhere, so be sure to throw it out regularly.
    • Cleaning – Ok, we all are doing the dishes and washing our clothes every day. But if you take 15 minutes daily to finish one cleaning step, you won’t be stuck cleaning your home for hours over the weekend. Broom today, vacuuming tomorrow, and you’ll keep your home clean.
    • Weekend for cleaning – Although, some of us have no time to clean anything during a working week. Therefore, if this is better for you, organize a cleaning day once a week. Check your schedule and make a plan.
    Clean a bit each day and avoid piling chores up. Keep it clean and clutter-free.

    What to do with all the junk you found?

    Remember all those piles with unwanted items that we mentioned earlier? It is time to get rid of it all. But you might ask what would be the best way to do it? Listen closely. It would be easy to throw it all away. But think for a second, some of the items are still usable and others easily fixed. Therefore, your junk can be useful to someone after all. So, you can organize a pre-move garage sale and sell your items while earning a buck or two in the process. Then, you can gift to your friends, coworkers, neighbors, you name it. Or you can donate to charity or to a local shelter. Whatever is the best way for you. But remember, if you decide to throw it all away, at least recycle appropriately.

    And this is it, now you know the best way to organize and declutter your home before the move. It won’t be easy, but with a proper plan, it will be ten times easier. Yes, it will be emotionally hard, but think about your new place, a new beginning, and all those new items you’ll introduce to your living space. Keep your memorabilia and emotionally valuable pieces but throw away replaceable items. Good luck!