Moving with kids: ways to make things easier

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    The process of moving is hard enough even when you move alone. Moving with kids is completely another dimension. You can count on the fact that you will do everything several times slower than usual. You will have to pack more stuff and worry about more things. On top of it all, you might not even get help from them. It is unlikely your kids will participate in the moving process if they are too young. Not to mention the hassle of moving musical instruments. If your kids are piano lovers, make sure you contact piano movers NJ to assist, you will not regret this decision.

    Packing when moving with kids

    Regardless of their age, your children should be able to assist in the moving process in some way. Since they have a lot of clothes and toys, some of the items will have to be left behind. Explain to your kids that they will have to get rid of some things. There will be resistance and maybe even crying, but find a way to motivate them. They can give away some toys to their friends. Or maybe organize their own garage sale, and make the decluttering process an interesting event. If you are moving some sensitive items, you need to consider storing them before settling down. The option of a climate controlled storage NJ movers are offering is the best choice.

    How to make moving with kids easier?

    There are numerous things you can do, all depending on your kids’ temperament, will, and attitude. For your own sake, prepare them for the move using any appropriate method. We will help you out by suggesting the most common tricks to make moving with kids easier:

    • make packing a fun activity
    • slowly but easily familiarize them with the new neighborhood before the move
    • choose the right time in the year for moving with kids
    • allow them to choose decorations for their rooms in the new home

    The fun of packing for the move with kids

    Kids do not have a sense of order when it comes to the packing process. Make them pack things from their own rooms, it will be of great help to you. Two categories should be enough: breakable and non-breakable things. Supply them with enough boxes and bubble wrap. Throw in some felt-tip pens or crayons for more fun. Allow them to label the boxes at their own will. They can make drawings on the boxes, of the things they put inside. Warn your kids that everything they forget to pack will be left behind. This way, they will take extra care of their things, and make your life easier.  Packing has never been more fun but with the touch of a lesson in responsibility. This is what we call a win-win situation.

    Kid drawing with crayons
    Make packing fun by allowing kids to use colors on the boxes

    Getting to know the new neighborhood

    If you are not moving too far from your current home, plan the weekend with kids in your new neighborhood. Children can quickly adapt to changes, but at first, you can expect some resistance. It is really important for them to see where the new house or an apartment will be. They need to check the area for parks, playgrounds, schools, sports arenas, cinema, etc. Once they get the idea of how their life will look like once you move, it will be easier to adapt. In case you are moving really far and cannot take your kids to see the new area, show them the new town online. It is not as good as the first option, but online they will be able to see more photos of the neighborhood. Whatever you do, just do not keep them out of the loop, when it comes to moving destination.

    Best time of year for moving with kids

    What might come as easier for your kids and their feelings, will not be easy on your wallet. From a financial point of view, the best time to move is in the middle of the month or a week. And certainly not in summer. But when you are moving with kids, the best time of year is the summer. You want them to finish their school year with their friends, before moving to another place. You can move them between school periods, but that decision might backfire. If you want your children to be satisfied, we recommend moving right after the school year ends. This way you will allow them to know the new neighborhood and meet new friends before going back to school.

    Moving with kids in summer
    Summer is the best season for moving with your kids

    Engaging kids in new home interior

    Satisfied kids are well-behaved kids. If you want them to feel at home, give them the freedom to choose the interior of their rooms. Make paint choosing a game. You can even allow them to paint themselves. Little mess never hurt anybody. They can paint and draw on the walls and ceiling, creating their own safe place. Take them to the furniture store if you have not brought your old stuff, and allow them to choose.  If they love their things, they will want to spend a lot of time in their room. You can even throw a moving in party, and connect to your new neighbors.

    Hands printed in paint
    Allow your kids to paint their own room

    After settling down

    Months will pass after moving with kids before everything comes into place, and you start feeling home again. The same goes for your kids, they might even show more sensitivity than you expected. Encourage them to stay in touch with their friends from the old town. That way they will not feel lonely or disengaged that much. Plan as many weekend activities as you can, in order to get to know the new town and people. Visit the local zoo, museum, botanic garden, and all other exciting places a new town has to offer. There is one more thing you can do to make everyone feel more at home. You can get a pet for your kids. A dog, a cat, a parrot, whatever you or your children prefer. It may sound like an extreme measure but kids will feel at home wherever the pet is.